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[] (0) Split out the microdata vocabularies into their own specs

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Hixie committed Oct 4, 2009
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<tr><td> <code title=event-load>load</code>
<td> The element or page has finished loading
<tr><td class=XXX colspan=2> ...
</table><h2 class=no-num id=references>References</h2><!--REFS-->
</table><!--START vCard--><!--START vEvent--><h2 class=no-num id=references>References</h2><!--REFS-->

<!--END vCard--><!--END vEvent-->
<p>All references are normative unless marked "Non-normative".</p>
<!--START vCard--><!--START vEvent-->

<dl><dt id=refsABNF>[ABNF]</dt>
<dd><cite><a href=>Augmented
Transformations (XSLT) Version 1.0</a></cite>, J. Clark. W3C,
November 1999.</dd>

</dl><h2 class=no-num id=acknowledgements>Acknowledgements</h2> <!-- ACKS -->
</dl><!--END vCard--><!--END vEvent--><h2 class=no-num id=acknowledgements>Acknowledgements</h2> <!-- ACKS -->

<p>Thanks to

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