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Editorial: add missing semicolon in enterkeyhint attribute value list

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golightlyb authored and domenic committed May 20, 2019
1 parent 5d04057 commit 43c01787dbe7937a2f7138ac4ed0ff2b64d7983e
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"<code data-x="attr-enterkeyhint-keyword-go">go</code>";
"<code data-x="attr-enterkeyhint-keyword-next">next</code>";
"<code data-x="attr-enterkeyhint-keyword-previous">previous</code>";
"<code data-x="attr-enterkeyhint-keyword-search">search</code>"
"<code data-x="attr-enterkeyhint-keyword-search">search</code>";
"<code data-x="attr-enterkeyhint-keyword-send">send</code>"
<th> <code data-x="">for</code>

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