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Drop creator context security

We added it for Secure Contexts, but that no longer uses it per w3c/webappsec-secure-contexts#48.

Reverts 91f1919 (except for the transformation to a description list).
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annevk committed Oct 21, 2017
1 parent c5019ae commit 5952d8361b5930a3dfe7a6d814a194be6e013d8b
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@@ -76868,10 +76868,6 @@ dictionary <dfn>DragEventInit</dfn> : <span>MouseEventInit</span> {
<dt><dfn>creator referrer policy</dfn></dt>
<dd><var>creator document</var>'s <span data-x="concept-document-referrer-policy">referrer
<dt><dfn>creator context security</dfn></dt>
<dd>The result of executing <span>Is environment settings object a secure context?</span> on
<var>creator document</var>'s <span>relevant settings object</span></dd>
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