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<!--END html--><!--END complete-->

<p>The following attributes are added as <span>global
attributes</span> to HTML elements:</p>
attributes</span> to <span>HTML elements</span>:</p>

<ul class="brief">
<li><code title="attr-itemid">itemid</code></li>

<!--END complete--><!--END html-->

<h3>Other changes to HTML5</h3>

<h4>Content models</h4>
title="attr-meta-charset">charset</code> attributes must be omitted,
and the <code title="attr-meta-content">content</code> attribute
must be present.</p>


<div class="impl">

I. Hickson. WHATWG.</dd>

<dt id="refsHTML5">[HTML5]</dt>
<dd><cite><a href="">HTML5</a></cite>,
I. Hickson, D. Hyatt. W3C.</dd>
<!--END vocabs--><!--END vCard--><!--END vEvent--><!--END work--><!--END websocket-api--><!--END storage--><!--END database--><!--END eventsource--><!--END workers--><!--END html-device--><!--YYYEND microdata--><!--END 2dcontext--><!--END postmsg--><!--END w3c-html-->
<!--START html-device--><!--YYYSTART microdata--><!--START 2dcontext--><!--START postmsg--><!--START w3c-html--><!--START websocket-api--><!--START storage--><!--START database--><!--START eventsource--><!--START workers--><!--START vocabs--><!--START vCard--><!--START vEvent--><!--START work-->
<cite><a href="">HTML5</a></cite>,
I. Hickson. W3C.</dd>

<dt id="refsHTMLDIFF">[HTMLDIFF]</dt>

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