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[acgiow] (2) * Add <iframe sandbox>, which supports:
   - isolating frames in their own unique origin,
   - disabling plugins
   - disabling forms
   - disabling scripts
   - disabling navigating of other browsing contexts
   - disabling popups and modal dialogs
* Make the spec well-defined in the face of browsers that disable scripting on a per-browsing-context basis, and use this for the concept of sandboxing scripts.
* Abstract out the concept of scripting being disabled, so that we don't have to refer to designMode all over the place.
* Add a note that <noscript> fails pretty badly with designMode. Add and update some XXX notes in various places.
* Require that Henri do the impossible by checking that scripts never cause non-conforming states to occur.
* Require that sets of space-separated tokens with lists of allowed values not use values outside of the allowed values.

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Hixie committed May 21, 2008
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