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[ow] (2) <button type= 'reset' and 'button' > is barred from constrai…
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…nt validation, like <input> with the same types.

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Hixie committed Sep 14, 2009
1 parent d6ba658 commit 81212c3
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Expand Up @@ -35811,6 +35811,10 @@ You cannot complete this form until the field is correct.</samp></pre>

<div class=impl>

<p><strong>Constraint validation</strong>: If the <code title=attr-button-type><a href=#attr-button-type>type</a></code> attribute is in the <a href=#attr-button-type-reset-state title=attr-button-type-reset-state>Reset Button</a> state or
the <a href=#attr-button-type-button-state title=attr-button-type-button-state>Button</a> state,
the element is <a href=#barred-from-constraint-validation>barred from constraint validation</a>.</p>

<p>If the element is not <a href=#concept-fe-disabled title=concept-fe-disabled>disabled</a>, the <a href=#activation-behavior>activation
behavior</a> of the <code><a href=#the-button-element>button</a></code> element is to run the
steps defined in the following list for the current state of the
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6 changes: 6 additions & 0 deletions source
Expand Up @@ -39906,6 +39906,12 @@ You cannot complete this form until the field is correct.</samp></pre>

<div class="impl">

<p><strong>Constraint validation</strong>: If the <code
title="attr-button-type">type</code> attribute is in the <span
title="attr-button-type-reset-state">Reset Button</span> state or
the <span title="attr-button-type-button-state">Button</span> state,
the element is <span>barred from constraint validation</span>.</p>

<p>If the element is not <span
title="concept-fe-disabled">disabled</span>, the <span>activation
behavior</span> of the <code>button</code> element is to run the
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