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xxx-large is now a font-size value

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annevk committed Jun 13, 2019
1 parent 4f45a25 commit 83d5bec48d4f2cb21671964e6f9b2592cef1a429
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hints">presentational hint</span> setting the element's <span>'font-size'</span> property:</p>


<li><p>Let <var>input</var> be the attribute's value.</p></li>

<li><p>Let <var>position</var> be a pointer into <var>input</var>, initially pointing at the


<!-- basefont support would go here, but we removed it -->

<p>If <var>mode</var> is <i>relative-plus</i>, then increment <var>value</var> by 3. If
<var>mode</var> is <i>relative-minus</i>, then let <var>value</var> be the result of subtracting
<var>value</var> from 3.</p>


<li><p>If <var>value</var> is greater than 7, let it be 7.</p></li>

<li><p>If <var>value</var> is less than 1, let it be 1.</p></li>


<p>Set <span>'font-size'</span> to the keyword corresponding to the value of <var>value</var>
according to the following table:</p>

<th><span>'font-size'</span> keyword
<td><i>see below</i>

<p class="tablenote"><small>The 'x<!---->xx-large' value is a non-CSS value used here to
indicate a font size 50% larger than 'xx-large'.</small></p>



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