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Clarify disabled for option/optgroup is defined separately

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annevk committed Jan 28, 2018
1 parent 5f47a3a commit 8d60f070d6ba6b5c7dfbc116fd9d3faee5d9c96e
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<p>The <dfn><code data-x="attr-fe-disabled">disabled</code></dfn> content attribute is a
<span>boolean attribute</span>.</p>

<p class="note">The <code data-x="attr-option-disabled">disabled</code> attribute for
<code>option</code> elements and the <code data-x="attr-optgroup-disabled">disabled</code>
attribute for <code>optgroup</code> elements are defined separately.</p>

<p>A form control is <dfn data-x="concept-fe-disabled">disabled</dfn> if any of the following
conditions are met:</p>

Scott Gonz&aacute;lez,
Scott Hess,
Scott Miles,
Scott O'Hara,
Sean Fraser,
Sean Hayes,
Sean Hogan,

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