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[e] (0) Cleanup sweep. Should make diffs of upcoming patches easier t…

…o read. This edit contains no normative changes as far as I'm aware, and I believe the only textual changes of any kind are in the history section.

Affected topics: DOM APIs, HTML, HTML Syntax and Parsing, Microdata, Offline Web Applications, Rendering, Security, Video Text Tracks, Video and Audio, WebSocket API

git-svn-id: 340c8d12-0b0e-0410-8428-c7bf67bfef74
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Hixie committed Nov 24, 2012
1 parent 8d3d905 commit 97fe5df078d29bae9327536faf8974fd615f2a4d
Showing with 8,395 additions and 12,263 deletions.
  1. +2,685 −3,857 complete.html
  2. +2,685 −3,857 index
  3. +3,025 −4,549 source

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