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Fix srcset attribute guidelines

Conformance requirement for the width descriptor is about the sizes attribute, not the srcset attribute.

Fixes #3250.
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Johanna-hub authored and annevk committed Oct 9, 2018
1 parent 5f59750 commit a6c82816b053fdba53e435d5c6bc3d64f032b2c4
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@@ -27097,7 +27097,7 @@ was an English &lt;a href="/wiki/Music_hall">music hall&lt;/a> singer, ...</code
must match the <span>intrinsic width</span> in the resource given by the
<span>image candidate string</span>'s URL, if it has an <span>intrinsic width</span>.</p>
<p>If an element has a <span>srcset attribute</span> present, all <span data-x="image
<p>If an element has a <span>sizes attribute</span> present, all <span data-x="image
candidate string">image candidate strings</span> for that element must have the <span>width
descriptor</span> specified.</p>
@@ -121803,6 +121803,7 @@ INSERT INTERFACES HERE
Joel Spolsky,
Joel Verhagen,
Johan Herland,
Johanna Herman,
John Boyer,
John Bussjaeger,
John Carpenter,
@@ -122238,6 +122239,7 @@ INSERT INTERFACES HERE
Travis Leithead,
Trevor Rowbotham,
Trevor Saunders,
Trey Eckels,
triple-underscore, <!-- GitHub -->
Tyler Close,
Valentin Gosu,

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