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[e] (0) The giant clean-up of 2013. Improved internal consistency, ad…
…justed section order to make more sense, started a move away from abusing title='' for cross-references, fixed minor typos, cleaned up some dangling TODOs, very minor typo fixes, dropped some obsolete comments, un-commented-out minor things that had previously been commented out for reasons that no longer apply, etc. No normative changes.

Affected topics: CSS, Canvas, DOM APIs, HTML, HTML Syntax and Parsing, Microdata, Offline Web Applications, Rendering, Security, Video Text Tracks, Video and Audio, WebSocket API, Workers

git-svn-id: 340c8d12-0b0e-0410-8428-c7bf67bfef74
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Hixie committed Oct 18, 2013
1 parent 76782de commit cece923873b2947a00d542082f0b50af2c85b0bb
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