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Require servers to use text/javascript for JavaScript

See bmeck/I-D#2 for context.
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annevk committed Oct 5, 2017
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@@ -58377,6 +58377,11 @@ o............A....e
<p>Servers should use <code>text/javascript</code> for JavaScript resources. Servers should not
use other <span data-x="JavaScript MIME type">JavaScript MIME types</span> for JavaScript
resources, and must not use non-<span data-x="JavaScript MIME type">JavaScript MIME
<div w-nodev>
<p>User agents are not required to support JavaScript. This standard needs to be updated if a
@@ -120175,6 +120180,7 @@ INSERT INTERFACES HERE
Brad Fults,
Brad Neuberg,
Brad Spencer,
Bradley Meck,
Brady Eidson,
Brandon Jones,
Brendan Eich,

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