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[] (0) Add a .rollback() method for the sync database API, so you don…
…'t have to depend on GC if you want to give up a transaction. (credit: ap)

git-svn-id: 340c8d12-0b0e-0410-8428-c7bf67bfef74
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Hixie committed Jun 6, 2009
1 parent 12ab7ac commit f30feb3
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@@ -61127,6 +61127,7 @@ interface <dfn>SQLStatementErrorCallback</dfn> {
interface <dfn>SQLTransactionSync</dfn> {
<span>SQLResultSet</span> <span title="dom-sqltransaction-sync-executeSql">executeSql</span>(in DOMString sqlStatement, [Optional] in <span>ObjectArray</span> arguments);
void <span title="dom-sqltransaction-sync-commit">commit</span>();
void <span title="dom-sqltransaction-sync-rollback">rollback</span>();

<p>A <code>SQLTransactionSync</code> object is initially <i
@@ -61199,6 +61200,22 @@ interface <dfn>SQLTransactionSync</dfn> {



<p>When the <dfn
method is invoked, the user agent must run the following


<li><p>Rollback the transaction.</p></li>

<li><p>Mark the <code>SQLTransactionSync</code> object as <i


<p>If a <code>SQLTransactionSync</code> object is garbage collected
while still <i title="">fresh</i>, the user agent must rollback the

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