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[giow] (0) Captions - Stage 8: MIME registration for text/websrt and …

…minor edits around that.

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<li><a href=#application/xhtml+xml><span class=secno>16.3 </span><code>application/xhtml+xml</code></a></li>
<li><a href=#text/cache-manifest><span class=secno>16.4 </span><code>text/cache-manifest</code></a></li>
<li><a href=#text/ping><span class=secno>16.5 </span><code>text/ping</code></a></li>
<li><a href=#application/microdata+json><span class=secno>16.6 </span><code>application/microdata+json</code></a></li>
<li><a href=#ping-from><span class=secno>16.7 </span><code>Ping-From</code></a></li>
<li><a href=#ping-to><span class=secno>16.8 </span><code>Ping-To</code></a></ol></li>
<li><a href=#text/websrt><span class=secno>16.6 </span><code>text/websrt</code></a></li>
<li><a href=#application/microdata+json><span class=secno>16.7 </span><code>application/microdata+json</code></a></li>
<li><a href=#ping-from><span class=secno>16.8 </span><code>Ping-From</code></a></li>
<li><a href=#ping-to><span class=secno>16.9 </span><code>Ping-To</code></a></ol></li>
<li><a class=no-num href=#index>Index</a>
<li><a class=no-num href=#elements-1>Elements</a></li>
<th>Brief description
<tbody><tr><td><dfn id=attr-track-kind-subtitle title=attr-track-kind-subtitle>Subtitles</dfn>
<tbody><tr><td><dfn id=attr-track-kind-subtitles title=attr-track-kind-subtitles>Subtitles</dfn>
<td><dfn id=attr-track-kind-keyword-subtitles title=attr-track-kind-keyword-subtitles><code>subtitles</code></dfn>
<td>Translation of the dialogue, suitable for when the sound is available but not understood (e.g. because the user does not understand the language of the <a href=#media-resource>media resource</a>'s soundtrack).
<tr><td><dfn id=attr-track-kind-caption title=attr-track-kind-caption>Captions</dfn>
<tr><td><dfn id=attr-track-kind-captions title=attr-track-kind-captions>Captions</dfn>
<td><dfn id=attr-track-kind-keyword-captions title=attr-track-kind-keyword-captions><code>captions</code></dfn>
<td>Transcription of the dialogue, suitable for when the soundtrack is unavailable (e.g. because it is muted or because the user is deaf).
<tr><td><dfn id=attr-track-kind-descriptions title=attr-track-kind-descriptions>Descriptions</dfn>
<td><dfn id=attr-track-kind-keyword-metadata title=attr-track-kind-keyword-metadata><code>metadata</code></dfn>
<td>Tracks intended for use from script.
</table><p>The attribute may be omitted. The <i>missing value default</i> is
the <span title=attr-track-kind-captions>captions</span> state.</p>
the <a href=#attr-track-kind-captions title=attr-track-kind-captions>captions</a> state.</p>

<p>The <dfn id=attr-track-src title=attr-track-src><code>src</code></dfn> attribute
gives the address of the time track data. The value must be a
attribute gives the language of the time track data. The value must
be a valid BCP 47 language tag. This attribute must be present if
the element's <code title=attr-track-kind><a href=#attr-track-kind>kind</a></code> attribute is
in the <span title=attr-track-kind-subtitles>subtitles</span>
in the <a href=#attr-track-kind-subtitles title=attr-track-kind-subtitles>subtitles</a>
state. <a href=#refsBCP47>[BCP47]</a></p>

<p>The <dfn id=attr-track-label title=attr-track-label><code>label</code></dfn>
- add stream(s) to play at end of current stream
- pause playback upon reaching a certain time
- playlists, with the ability to get metadata out of them (e.g. xspf)
* control over closed captions:
- enable, disable, select language
- event that sends caption text to script
* in-band metadata and cue points to allow:
- Chapter markers that synchronize to playback (without having to poll
the playhead position)
- Annotations on video content (i.e., pop-up video)
- General custom metadata store (ratings, etc.)
* notification of chapter labels changing on the fly:
- onchapterlabelupdate, which has a time and a label
* cue points that trigger at fixed intervals, so that
e.g. animation can be synced with the video
* general meta data, implemented as getters (don't expose the whole thing)
- getMetadata(key: string, language: string) => HTMLImageElement or string
- onmetadatachanged (no context info)
* external captions support (request from John Foliot)
- general custom metadata store (ratings, etc.)
* video: applying CSS filters
* an event to notify people of when the video size changes
(e.g. for chained Ogg streams of multiple independent videos)

<h5 id=websrt><span class=secno> </span>WebSRT</h5>

<p>The WebSRT format (Web Subtitle Resource Tracks) is a format
intended for marking up external timed track resources.</p>

<h6 id=syntax-0><span class=secno> </span>Syntax</h6>

<p class=XXX>...
<code><a href=#text/ping>text/ping</a></code> resources.</p>

<h3 id=text/websrt><span class=secno>16.6 </span><dfn><code>text/websrt</code></dfn></h3>

<p>This registration is for community review and will be submitted
to the IESG for review, approval, and registration with IANA.</p>

<h3 id=application/microdata+json><span class=secno>16.6 </span><dfn><code>application/microdata+json</code></dfn></h3>
Subject: Registration of media type text/cues

<dl><dt>Type name:</dt>
<dt>Subtype name:</dt>
<dt>Required parameters:</dt>
<dd>No parameters</dd>
<dt>Optional parameters:</dt>
<dd>No parameters</dd>
<dt>Encoding considerations:</dt>
<dd>Always UTF-8.</dd>
<dt>Security considerations:</dt>
<p>Timed track files themselves pose no immediate risk unless
sensitive information is included within the
data. Implementations, however, are required to follow specific
rules when processing timed tracks, to ensure that certain
origin-based restrictions are honored. Failure to correctly
implement these rules can result in information leakage,
cross-site scripting attacks, and the like.</p>
<dt>Interoperability considerations:</dt>
Rules for processing both conforming and non-conforming content
are defined in this specification.
<dt>Published specification:</dt>
This document is the relevant specification.
<dt>Applications that use this media type:</dt>
Web browsers and other video players.
<dt>Additional information:</dt>
<dl><dt>Magic number(s):</dt>
<dd>No sequence of bytes can uniquely identify a WebSRT timed
track file.</dd>
<dt>File extension(s):</dt>
<dd>"<code title="">srt</code>"</dd>
<dt>Macintosh file type code(s):</dt>
<dd>No specific Macintosh file type codes are recommended for this type.</dd>
<dt>Person &amp; email address to contact for further information:</dt>
<dd>Ian Hickson &lt;;</dd>
<dt>Intended usage:</dt>
<dt>Restrictions on usage:</dt>
<dd>No restrictions apply.</dd>
<dd>Ian Hickson &lt;;</dd>
<dt>Change controller:</dt>
</dl><p>Fragment identifiers have no meaning with
<code><a href=#text/websrt>text/websrt</a></code> resources.</p>

<h3 id=application/microdata+json><span class=secno>16.7 </span><dfn><code>application/microdata+json</code></dfn></h3>

<p>This registration is for community review and will be submitted

<h3 id=ping-from><span class=secno>16.7 </span><dfn title=http-ping-from><code>Ping-From</code></dfn></h3>
<h3 id=ping-from><span class=secno>16.8 </span><dfn title=http-ping-from><code>Ping-From</code></dfn></h3>

<p>This section describes a header field for registration in the
Permanent Message Header Field Registry. <a href=#refsRFC3864>[RFC3864]</a></p>
<dt>Related information</dt>
</dl><h3 id=ping-to><span class=secno>16.8 </span><dfn title=http-ping-to><code>Ping-To</code></dfn></h3>
</dl><h3 id=ping-to><span class=secno>16.9 </span><dfn title=http-ping-to><code>Ping-To</code></dfn></h3>

<p>This section describes a header field for registration in the
Permanent Message Header Field Registry. <a href=#refsRFC3864>[RFC3864]</a></p>
<tr><th> <code title="">kind</code>
<td> <code title=attr-track-kind><a href=#attr-track-kind>track</a></code>
<td> The type of timed track
<td> "<code title=attr-track-kind-subtitles>subtitles</code>";
"<code title=attr-track-kind-captions>captions</code>";
<td> "<code title=attr-track-kind-subtitles><a href=#attr-track-kind-subtitles>subtitles</a></code>";
"<code title=attr-track-kind-captions><a href=#attr-track-kind-captions>captions</a></code>";
"<code title=attr-track-kind-descriptions><a href=#attr-track-kind-descriptions>descriptions</a></code>";
"<code title=attr-track-kind-chapters><a href=#attr-track-kind-chapters>chapters</a></code>";
"<code title=attr-track-kind-metadata><a href=#attr-track-kind-metadata>metadata</a></code>"
allowing us to use their mistakes as a guide for designing the
microdata feature.</p>

<p>Thanks to the SubRip community, including in particular Zuggy and
ai4spam, for their work on the SubRip software program whose SRT
file format was used as the basis for the WebSRT timed track file

<div class=impl>

<p>Special thanks and $10,000 to David Hyatt who came up with a

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