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Add supported tokens to relList and sandbox

Add the following:
* Reference to DOMTokenList's supported tokens in the DOM spec.
* Supported tokens to HTMLLinkElement's relList.
* Supported tokens to HTMLIFrameElement's sandbox.

Closes #340.
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yoavweiss authored and zcorpan committed Nov 13, 2015
1 parent 94750dc commit f7a66ed52a93d3b63304f4a669e868684dc95b56
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<li>The algorithm to <dfn data-noexport="" data-x="concept-node-clone">clone</dfn> a <code>Node</code>, and the concept of <dfn data-noexport="" data-x="concept-node-clone-ext">cloning steps</dfn> used by that algorithm</li>
<li>The concept of <dfn data-noexport="">base URL change steps</dfn> and the definition of what happens when an element is <dfn data-noexport="">affected by a base URL change</dfn></li>
<li>The concept of an element's <dfn data-noexport="" data-x="concept-id">unique identifier (ID)</dfn></li>
<li>The term <dfn data-noexport="" data-x="dom-domtokenlist-supported-tokens">supported tokens</dfn></li>

<li>The concept of a DOM <dfn data-noexport="" data-x="concept-range">range</dfn>, and the terms <dfn data-noexport="" data-x="concept-range-start">start</dfn>, <dfn data-noexport="" data-x="concept-range-end">end</dfn>, and <dfn data-noexport="" data-x="concept-range-bp">boundary point</dfn> as applied to ranges.</li>

w-nodev>must</span> <span data-x="reflect">reflect</span> the <code
data-x="attr-link-rel">rel</code> content attribute.</p>

<p><code data-x="dom-link-rellist">relList</code>'s <code>DOMTokenList</code>'s
<span data-x="dom-domtokenlist-supported-tokens">supported tokens</span> are the keywords defined
in <a href="#linkTypes">HTML link types</a> which are allowed on <code>link</code> elements and
supported by the user agent.</p>


<p>The <code>LinkStyle</code> interface is also implemented by this element. <ref spec=CSSOM></p>
<p>The IDL attributes <dfn><code data-x="dom-iframe-src">src</code></dfn>, <dfn><code data-x="dom-iframe-srcdoc">srcdoc</code></dfn>, <dfn><code data-x="dom-iframe-name">name</code></dfn>, <dfn><code data-x="dom-iframe-sandbox">sandbox</code></dfn>, and <dfn><code data-x="dom-iframe-seamless">seamless</code></dfn> must <span>reflect</span> the respective
content attributes of the same name.</p>

<p>The <span data-x="dom-domtokenlist-supported-tokens">supported tokens</span> for
<code data-x="dom-iframe-sandbox">sandbox</code>'s <code>DOMSettableTokenList</code> are the
allowed values defined in the <code data-x="attr-iframe-sandbox">sandbox</code> attribute and
supported by the user agent.</p>

<p>The <dfn><code data-x="dom-iframe-allowFullscreen">allowFullscreen</code></dfn> IDL attribute
must <span>reflect</span> the <code data-x="attr-iframe-allowfullscreen">allowfullscreen</code>
content attribute.</p>

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