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Require UTF-8

This change adds a “must” requirement for UTF-8 in all but one of the places in the standard that define a means for specifying a character encoding.

Specifically, it makes UTF-8 required for any “character encoding declaration”, which includes the HTTP Content-Type header sent with any document, the `<meta charset>` element, and the `<meta http-equiv=content-type>` element.

Along with those, this change also makes UTF-8 required for `<script charset>` but also moves `<script charset>` to being obsolete-but-conforming (because now that both documents and scripts are required to use UTF-8, it’s redundant to specify `charset` on the `script` element, since it inherits from the document).

To make the normative source of those requirements clear, this change also adds a specific citation to the relevant requirement from the Encoding standard, and updates the in-document IANA registration for text/html media type to indicate that UTF-8 is required. Finally, it changes an existing requirement for authoring tools to use UTF-8 from a “should” to a “must”.

The one place where this change doesn’t yet add a requirement for UTF-8 is for the `form` element’s `accept-charset` attribute. For that, see issue #3097.

Closes #3004.
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sideshowbarker authored and annevk committed Oct 6, 2017
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