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Use width and height as intrinsic aspect ratio for various non-img elements #4961

annevk opened this issue Oct 2, 2019 · 7 comments


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@annevk annevk commented Oct 2, 2019

#4952 added support for a fallback aspect ratio for <img>, but as noted there by @cbiesinger @emilio @fantasai it might be good to also support <video>, <input type=image>, and perhaps other elements.

#3090 has a similar suggestion for <video> that should probably be resolved while fixing this.


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@fantasai fantasai commented Oct 3, 2019

VIDEO should definitely be included here, and also INPUT type=image. EMBED and OBJECT are sometimes used for things which do not have an intrinsic aspect ratio, so they probably should not get this behavior.


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@AndresInSpace AndresInSpace commented Oct 3, 2019

As suggested, I made a new proposal for aspect-ratio in regards to art-direction with multiple sources, each having their own aspect-ratio.


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@jensimmons jensimmons commented Oct 7, 2019

This should apply to video and perhaps input type=image. The poster image for video should be considered.

It should not apply to any element that does not have an intrinsic aspect ratio — like iframe, embed or object. That would break web compat — causing a different layout result compared to how things work now. If you put a YouTube video on a webpage with an IFRAME right now, for instance. And give it width: 100%; height: auto it will not maintain its aspect ratio.

Needing a way to easily set an aspect ratio on iframe is what the aspect-ratio CSS property is for. This will give authors a way to say — "hey that YouTube video is 16x9, please adjust the height appropriately, as the width changes, maintaining a 16x9 aspect ratio".

TL;DR — this should apply to all elements that have an intrinsic aspect ratio, and none of the ones that do not.


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@cbiesinger cbiesinger commented Oct 7, 2019

<embed>/<object> does sometimes have an aspect ratio, depending on what's loaded in it, no?


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@jensimmons jensimmons commented Oct 7, 2019

If any element, including embed or object, is getting its sizing from a parent container, or children content, then that will be part of the layout calculation in CSS. But the elements themselves do not have an intrinsic aspect ratio.


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@emilio emilio commented Oct 8, 2019

They do have an intrinsic aspect ratio in all engines, as far as I can tell. Trivial example:

data:text/html,<!doctype html><embed width=96 height=96 style="width: 100%; height: auto" type="image/png" src=""></embed>

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Member Author

@annevk annevk commented Oct 8, 2019

Yeah, embed and object are quite special and only sometimes act like iframe. I don't think we should change anything for them though as they are already special enough and we should not encourage further usage of them. (They probably ought to be marked deprecated/obsolete in the standard.)

bertogg pushed a commit to Igalia/webkit that referenced this issue Jan 16, 2020

Reviewed by Frédéric Wang


assert_ratio(images[5], 133/106) in img-aspect-ratio.html still fails because of bug 206161.

* web-platform-tests/html/rendering/replaced-elements/attributes-for-embedded-content-and-images/canvas-aspect-ratio.html:
* web-platform-tests/html/rendering/replaced-elements/attributes-for-embedded-content-and-images/content-aspect-ratio.html:
* web-platform-tests/html/rendering/replaced-elements/attributes-for-embedded-content-and-images/img-aspect-ratio-expected.txt:
* web-platform-tests/html/rendering/replaced-elements/attributes-for-embedded-content-and-images/img-aspect-ratio.html:
* web-platform-tests/html/rendering/replaced-elements/attributes-for-embedded-content-and-images/video-aspect-ratio.html:


According to [1], if HTML width and height attributes have valid values, not a percentage, and non-zero,
the value width/height is the default intrinsic aspect ratio for an <img> element. This will help to calculate
img element's layout size before loading. The value will be overridden if img is loaded. Also see [2].
This is currently limited in <img> element. Other elements like <canvas>, <video> and <input type=image>,
currently their aspect-ratio won't be affected.[3] While <picture> is still under discuss.[4]

[2]: WICG/intrinsicsize-attribute#16
[3]: whatwg/html#4961
[4]: whatwg/html#4968

Tests: imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/html/rendering/replaced-elements/attributes-for-embedded-content-and-images/canvas-aspect-ratio.html

* page/Settings.yaml:
* rendering/RenderReplaced.cpp:
(WebCore::RenderReplaced::computeIntrinsicRatioInformation const):


Add experimental flag: AspectRatioOfImgFromWidthAndHeightEnabled.

* Shared/WebPreferences.yaml:


Add experimental flag: AspectRatioOfImgFromWidthAndHeightEnabled.

* WebView/WebPreferenceKeysPrivate.h:
* WebView/
([WebPreferences initialize]):
(-[WebPreferences aspectRatioOfImgFromWidthAndHeightEnabled]):
(-[WebPreferences setAspectRatioOfImgFromWidthAndHeightEnabled:]):
* WebView/WebPreferencesPrivate.h:
* WebView/
(-[WebView _preferencesChanged:]):


Add experimental flag: AspectRatioOfImgFromWidthAndHeightEnabled.

* Interfaces/IWebPreferencesPrivate.idl:
* WebPreferenceKeysPrivate.h:
* WebPreferences.cpp:
* WebPreferences.h:
* WebView.cpp:


Add experimental flag: AspectRatioOfImgFromWidthAndHeightEnabled.

* DumpRenderTree/win/DumpRenderTree.cpp:

git-svn-id: 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
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