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WHATWG Workstreams

This document contains an official Steering Group-maintained accounting of the WHATWG workstreams, their responsible editors, and their associated standards.

Note that per the Workstream Policy, the official Editors listed here may have delegated responsibilities and editing duties to deputy editors for any given Living Standard. As such, the Editor position listed here is more about "who is the official liaison with the Steering Group" and less about "who is editing the document". To get an accounting of who is primarily responsible for day-to-day specification work, you'll be better served by checking the Acknowledgments section of the Living Standard in question.


Scope: CSS properties and DOM APIs that web browsers need to support for compatibility with the de facto web.

Editor: Mike Taylor,

Standards: Compatibility


Scope: APIs for console debugging facilities.


Standards: Console


Scope: The web's model for events, aborting activities, and node trees.

Editor: Anne van Kesteren,

Standards: DOM


Scope: Character encodings on the web, and their JavaScript API.

Editor: Anne van Kesteren,

Standards: Encoding


Scope: The networking model for resource retrieval on the web.

Editor: Anne van Kesteren,

Standards: Fetch

Fullscreen API

Scope: An API for web pages to take over a user's entire screen.

Editor: Philip Jägenstedt,

Standards: Fullscreen API


Scope: A kitchen sink full of technologies for the web, including the core markup language for the web, HTML, as well as numerous APIs like Web Sockets, Web Workers, localStorage, etc.

Editor: Domenic Denicola,

Standards: HTML


Scope: The fundamental concepts upon which standards are built.

Editor: Anne van Kesteren,

Standards: Infra

MIME Sniffing

Scope: Algorithms used to determine the type of resources.

Editor: Gordon P. Hemsley,

Standards: MIME Sniffing

Notifications API

Scope: An API to display notifications to alert users outside the context of a web page.

Editor: Anne van Kesteren,

Standards: Notifications API

Quirks Mode

Scope: Quirks in CSS and Selectors that are necessary to support for web browsers for compatibility with the web.

Editor: Simon Pieters,

Standards: Quirks Mode


Scope: APIs for persistent storage and quota estimates, as well as the web platform storage architecture.

Editor: Anne van Kesteren,

Standards: Storage


Scope: Web APIs for creating, composing, and consuming streams of data that map efficiently to low-level I/O primitives.

Editor: Domenic Denicola,

Standards: Streams


Scope: URLs, their infrastructure, and their API.

Editor: Anne van Kesteren,

Standards: URL


Scope: A client-side networking API for transferring data between a web page and a server.

Editor: Anne van Kesteren,

Standards: XMLHttpRequest

Copyright © 2018 WHATWG (Apple, Google, Mozilla, Microsoft). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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