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Normalize port after updating scheme

Closes #327.
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TimothyGu authored and domenic committed Jun 30, 2017
1 parent b128ba9 commit 0f53958338bbaec3882f902897873da59ba7e8bd
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@@ -1400,9 +1400,17 @@ string <var>input</var>, optionally with a <a>base URL</a> <var>base</var>, opti

<li><p>Set <var>url</var>'s <a for=url>scheme</a> to <var>buffer</var>.

<li><p>Set <var>buffer</var> to the empty string.
<p>If <var>state override</var> is given, then:

<li><p>If <var>state override</var> is given, then return.
<li><p>If <var>url</var>'s <a for=url>port</a> is <var>url</var>'s <a for=url>scheme</a>'s
<a>default port</a>, then set <var>url</var>'s <a for=url>port</a> to null.


<li><p>Set <var>buffer</var> to the empty string.

<p>If <var>url</var>'s <a for=url>scheme</a> is "<code>file</code>", then:

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