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Editorial: replace usage of repeat with for each

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annevk committed Apr 3, 2017
1 parent a562c55 commit 2f4b7f74533398c41f4316157f027a33a627caf9
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@@ -735,13 +735,13 @@ The <dfn id=concept-ipv4-serializer>IPv4 serializer</dfn> takes an
<li><p>Let <var>n</var> be the value of <var>address</var>.

<p>Repeat four times:
<p><a for=list>For each</a> <var>i</var> in the range 1 to 4, inclusive:

<li><p>Prepend <var>n</var> % 256, <a lt="serialize an integer">serialized</a>, to

<li><p>Unless this is the fourth time, prepend U+002E (.) to <var>output</var>.
<li><p>If <var>i</var> is not 4, then prepend U+002E (.) to <var>output</var>.

<li><p>Set <var>n</var> to floor(<var>n</var> / 256).

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