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Connect feathers.js to mithril.js


Just run npm install --save feathers-mithril. You'll also need feathers-reactive in your project to use advanced sync functionality.

To add to your client, just add it like you would any other feathers plugin:

var m = require('mithril');
var stream = require('mithril/stream')
var fm = require('feathers-mithril');
// ...a bit of code later...
var app = feathers()
  .configure(reactive(rxjs)) // you'll need this call to feathers-reactive for sync to work
  .configure(fm(m, stream))
  // followed by more app.configure calls here

Basic Usage

It’s really easy! Feathers service calls return combined prop-promises, just like m.request does. See below:

var result = catService.find();

// Results can be used like usual, as a promise.
result.then(function (data) {
  // do something with data

// Or if you're feeling fancy, use a result as a prop instantly!
// The initial value is undefined.
result() // => returns undefined

// But! After the feathers calls loads, the prop value is set,
// and mithril will rerender with the updated data
setTimeout(function() {
   result() // => returns array of results
}, 3000);

This feature allows you to pass results directly into views and use them immediately, provided the views can handle undefined prop values.


Although create , get , list , patch , remove , and a few other service functions all return these fancy hybrid prop-promises, there’s a special function on the props returned by get and list .

var result = catService.get({id: 123});


result() // => returns undefined
// ...some time later after the initial load...
result() // => returns {id: 123, name: "Fluffums"}
// ...after another user edits the fluffums object...
result() // => returns {id: 123, name: "Fluffums 2"}

That’s right, the prop will automatically update (and the view will rerender) whenever the server info changes!

There is an important caviat, which is you must call .sync(false) on the prop in the destructor of the component that called .sync(true) , otherwise we’ll get nasty memory leaks.


Connect feathers.js to mithril.js




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