Small but efficient frontend toolchain, built on top of Gulp
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Small but efficient frontend toolchain, built on top of Gulp.


If you need support, please use the GitHub issue tracker.


We love contributions, so please feel free to fix bugs, improve things, provide documentation. Just follow the guidelines and submit a PR.


  • Node 4.x, 5.x, 6.x
  • Gulp >= 3.9


Wheelie isn't a task runner, a build system or a Gulp wrapper. It's just a common interface to your Gulp tasks so that you can share, re-use and easily update them, improving your automated workflow. It ships out of the box with:

  • A Task model to create custom tasks like you usually do with Gulp. The programmatic interface exposes a configuration callback so that other developers may re-use your task, overriding your defaults.
  • Tasks can be grouped together to create a recipe. Your frontend toolchain becomes a list of Gulp tasks and it can be versioned in a different repository. If you publish your recipe into npm, you can update your projects' toolchain with just a change in the project's package.json.
  • Nothing less that Gulp already offers you. Wheelie takes care about the Gulp configuration and it returns a gulp instance, configured as described in a recipe.
  • Wheelie is fast and without overhead; the Gulp configuration happens only once for each run.

Getting started

Install Wheelie with the official recipes registry:

$ npm install --save-dev wheelie wheelie-recipe

Create a gulpfile.js in your project root folder with the following content:

// importing your gulp reference
var gulp = require('gulp');

// importing Wheelie constructor and a recipe
var Wheelie = require('wheelie');
var recipe = require('wheelie-recipe');

// adding a Wheelie recipe
var wheelie = new Wheelie();

// <-- at this point, Gulp is configured with a set of tasks available in the wheelie-recipe package

With the above Gulpfile, you can launch the watch task simply with:

$ gulp

Official recipes

wheelie-recipe is a recipe currently maintained by Wheelie core developers. We're not suggesting our way to write frontend applications, but just to inspire and enforce a community-driven way to write Wheelie recipes.


We use Jest as a test framework. Install all development dependencies and launch the test suite:

$ npm install
$ npm test


Full documentation for the project is available at


Wheelie is released under the terms of the BSD LICENSE. Full details in LICENSE file.