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============== Set up ================

*note this demo version will run offline. so you need to setup path as your local computer

*you need to connect the internet while doing the demo in order to load javascript library

Go to BugV.html
  • Setup Path (Line: 82 - 90)

      change path to your local path 
  • Setup Config (Line: 93 - 95)

      change link to bugarium to your local path 	
      change display width and hight for your screen size. 
  • change link for level picture (Line:372)

Go to Index.html
  • change path for javascript to your local path (Line:103 - 105)
========== How to Demo ==============

There are two main html file (bugV.html and index)

Step 1: connect Leap motion

Step 2: setup 2 screens

Step 3: open bugV.html in the first screen This file shows the problem of even we have a good visualization technique but when we face with big data it does not give you any insight and also hard to navigate.

Step 4: open index.html in the second screen This will allow you to navigate bugs and filtering by priority. You just simply move the cursor into the box on the top left and point out your fingers to select bugs by the priority.


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