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Clicky-api is a Ruby Gem which interfaces with version 4 of the Clicky web
analytics API, documented at
Sets the given parameters persistently, in a class variable (so the
settings are applied globally). Setting the Clicky site_id and sitekey
here is a good idea.
Returns the current hash of persistent params set by #set_params!.
This hash may be manipulated directly, e.g. to delete keys; if you
need to alter it without affecting ClickyAPI everywhere, make a copy.
Loads the given YAML config file and passes its keys and values to
#set_params!. If no file is specified and you're using Rails,
#load_config_file! will use the contents of "config/clicky-api.yml".
Queries the Clicky server with the given params, merging them with
any parameters set with #set_params!. Returns a Ruby hash representation
of the response.
This gem was written by Pete Gamache with the gracious support of Where, Inc.
It is Copyright (c) 2010 Where, Inc. and is released under the MIT License.
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