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= Daemons Release History
== Release 1.0.10: November 16, 2007
* By default, we now delete stray pid-files (i.e. pid-files which result for
example from a killed daemon) automatically. This function can be deactivated by
passing :keep_pid_files => true as an option.
* All pid files of :multiple daemons new get deleted correctly upon exit of the daemons (reported by Han Holl).
* Use the signal 'KILL' instead of 'TERM' on Windows platforms.
* Use exit! in trap('TERM') instead of exit when option :hard_exit is given (thanks to Han Holl).
* Did some clarification on the exception log.
== Release 1.0.9: October 29, 2007
* fixed a severe bug in the new Pid.running? function: function returned true if the process did not exist (thanks to Jeremy Lawler).
== Release 1.0.8: September 24, 2007
* new Pid.running? function. Checking whether a process exists by sending signal '0' (thanks to Dru Nelson).
== Release 1.0.7: July 7, 2007
* Patch to fix wrong ARGV when using :exec (in def start_exec: Kernel.exec(script(), *(@app_argv || []))) (thanks to Alex McGuire).
== Release 1.0.6: Mai 8, 2007
* New option to pass an ARGV-style array to run and run_proc (thanks to Marc Evans).
* Additional patches for '/var/log' (thanks to Marc Evans).
== Release 1.0.5: February 24, 2007
* Applied patch that makes daemons to use '/var/log' as logfile
directory if you use :dir_mode = :system (thanks to Han Holl).
* Daemons should now work with Ruby 1.9 (at least the basic features).
== Release 1.0.4: January 17, 2007
* Document the :log_output option (thanks to Andrew Kuklewicz).
* Set STDOUT.sync = true when redirecting to a logfile (thanks to Andrew Kuklewicz).
* Should now run also correctly when there is no working 'ps ax' on the system (thanks to Daniel Kehoe).
== Release 1.0.3: November 1, 2006
* Set the app_name correctly also for the monitor process (thanks to Ilya Novoselov).
== Release 1.0.2: September 26, 2006
* Changed the 'ps -ax' call back to 'ps ax'.
* Fixed the documentation for the :normal :dir_mode.
* As a default for Daemons.run_proc, the pid file is now saved in the current directory.
* In :ontop mode for running a proc (this is equal to calling something like 'ruby ctrl_proc.rb run'),
the proc now runs directly in the calling script, not in a forked process anymore (thanks to Paul Butcher).
* Set $0 to app_name in the daemons (thanks to Ilya Novoselov).
== Release 1.0.1: August 30, 2006
* Fixed a regex for parsing the 'ps ax' system call. (thanks to Garance Alistair Drosehn)
== Release 1.0.0: August 29, 2006
* Fix the parsing of the 'ps ax' system call. (thanks to Garance Alistair Drosehn)
== Release 0.4.4: February 14, 2006
* Several fixes that allow us to use the Daemons::Controller
with a proc instead of wrapping a script file. This gives us all the
PID file management, monitoring, command line options, etc. without having
to specify a path to our script which can be tricky, especially when using
RubyGems. (thanks to John-Mason Shackelford)
== Release 0.4.3: November 29, 2005
* New Option: You can specify the name of the application with :app_name
on calling This will be used to contruct the name of the pid files
and log files. Defaults to the basename of the script. (thanks to Stephen R. Veit)
* Bugfix: Handle the case where no controller options are given when calling Daemons,
just options after "--". (thanks to Stephen R. Veit)
== Release 0.4.2: November 15, 2005
* Bugfix for problem with :normal pid-file directory mode (pid.rb), fixed (thanks to Stephen R. Veit)
== Release 0.4.1: September 11, 2005
* Bugfix for 'run' command line mode: didn't work anymore in 0.4.0, fixed
== Release 0.4.0: July 30, 2005
* Two completely new operation modes:
1. Call a block as a daemon (<tt> { my_daemon_code }</tt>)
and control it from the parent process.
2. Daemonize the currently running process (<tt>Daemons.daemonize</tt>)
plus the already existing mode to control your scripts (<tt>"script.rb")</tt>)
* Improved documentation (for example "How does the daemonization process work?")
* Improved "simulation mode" (<tt>:ontop</tt> option)
* Some minor bugfixes
== Release 0.3.0: April 21, 2005
* New monitor functionality: automatic restarting of your applications if they crash
* 'restart' command fixed
* '--force' command modifier (please refer to the documentation)
* Some more bugfixes and improvements
== Release 0.2.1: Mar 21, 2005
* Bugfix for a problem with the 'status' command
== Release 0.2.0: Mar 21, 2005
* Exception backtrace functionality added
* Exec functionality added
* More examples added
* New commands: status, zap
== Release 0.0.1: Feb 8, 2005
* Initial release