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Every username on github is replaced with a generic female username. every gravatar is replaced with a gravatar of a woman or female type image.

Gravatars are pulled from womens facebok and ravelry accounts (with permission)

Why? There is a death of women contributing to open source software. This plugin is presented as a "filter" to challenge assumptions about gender roles in software, and to "rewire" your brain.

The actual goal is to present such a ridiculous "plugin" that people get frustrated and start a deeper discussion and argument about gender and open source.

possible username examples: jenny88, jess2x, _amanda, ashley1982, sarah329, hannahk, stephanieq... or maybe pull less spammy names like JessicasMommy, GirlinNYC, etc

implementation notes: available as a browser plugin. gravatar images are trivial to identify and replace, usernames replaced at random.

replacement usernames and avatars should be chosen using the original values as a seed so the replacement is one-way rather than completely random.

Also background, font and style sheets are changed to be more 'radically' female friendly- this mean obnxiously pink and frilly

the origional idea of this plugin was birthed by @kylemcdonald on the @fatlab listerserve.

wish list:

  • working safari and chrome extensions
  • new gravatars will be seeded to user id on git so they dont loop
  • gravatars and usernames will be pulled from females twitter accounts via twitter api
  • embeded 'girly' fonts and style sheet colors changed
  • extended to other tech sites such as slashdot usernames/stackoverflow etc..pirate bay etc..