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a way to creatively explore the Noun Project icons
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here's some more info on what this is. Basically I was thinking it would be
awesome if the noun project had an API for their icons- it would totally make
them spread faster. After I couldn't find one I wrote a simple one using bottle.

You can get an icon of a particular noun as an img or a json.

For the json: just search the <noun> with<noun>, and you'll get back a json with
{'status' : ' ... ', 'data' : '...'} where status will be Success if there is an
icon, and Fail if there is not. 'data' will return back the icon link if there
is an icon.  it just retrieves the first icon if there are multiple ones.

For the img: just search the <noun> with<noun> and you'll get an img. 

This particular project explores poetry or phrases with icons added, 
and you can share them with people.  Sharing is facilitated by urls that map
onto particular phrases that one enteres.  When the same url is re-entered, the
original phrase will be returned. 
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