WiFi HID Injector - An USB Rubberducky / BadUSB On Steroids.
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WHID Injector

WiFi HID Injector for Fun & Profit

Available at:

Hardware Design Author: Luca Bongiorni - info@whid.ninja - http://whid.ninja

Initial sw based on ESPloit by Corey Harding of www.LegacySecurityGroup.com

The Hardware

USB Pinouts

In order to make easier the process of weaponizing USB gadgets, you can solder the USB wires to the dedicated pinouts.

The pin closer to USB-A is GND. The pins are:

  • GND
  • D+
  • D-
  • VCC

[ If also an USB HUB is needed (i.e. to weaponize a wired mouse), usually, I do use this one https://www.tindie.com/products/mux/nanohub-tiny-usb-hub-for-hacking-projects ]

Documentation WIKI


Third-Party Softwares Compatible with WHID's Hardware

https://github.com/exploitagency/ESPloitV2 An improved version of WHID GUI software!




Possible Applications

  • Classic: Remote Keystrokes Injection Over WiFi

Deploy WHID on Victim's machine and remotely control it by accessing its WiFi AP SSID. (eventually you can also setup WHID to connect to an existing WiFi network)

  • Social Engineering: Deploy WHID inside an USB-enable gadget

The main idea behind it is to test for Social Engineering weaknesses within your target organization (e.g. DLP policy violations) and to bypass physical access restrictions to Target's device. Usually, I create a fancy brochure (sample template https://github.com/whid-injector/WHID/tree/master/tools/Social_Engineering_Lures ) attached with a weaponized USB gadget and then use a common delivery carrier (e.g. UPS, DHL, FedEx).

Video Tutorials

WHID's Attack Simulation

Please keep in mind that the following Video is for installing WHID Software into Cactus Micro (which has 512K/64K Flash). If you wanna install on Cactus WHID hardware, select 4M/3M option in Arduino's settings.

How To Install WHID Software

More to come...