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Android Mobile App for Controlling WHID Injector remotely.
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WHID Mobile connector

WHID Mobile Connector is designed to be a user-friendly mobile app allowing you to easily control your WHID gadget(s). Please, refer to WHID if you want more information about HID attacks and/or the concept behind this "USB-key".

Official link for the WHID Mobile Connector on the Play store is here

Technical overview

The WHID Mobile Connector is an ionic mobile app (aka Hybrid application) - (~ should work on any devices) So far, only Android builds are released. Fresh builds can be retrieved here: The UI is Angular-based and "native" functions are done using Cordova framework, seamlessly for the end-users.

I want to build the environment

1. Set up your environment

Sure. Few steps to make the magic happen:

  • First, install node and npm (depends on your OS)

For Mac users, brew will make it:

brew install node
  • Then, install npm:
brew install npm

Finally, install ionic:

npm install -g ionic

2. Clone the repo

  • Clone the repo using Git:
git clone
  • Go in the folder
cd WHID-Mobile-Connector
  • Add Android platform to the project
ionic cordova platform add android

3. Build it

Then, you're ready to build a resulting APK that can be deployed wherever you want.

ionic cordova build android

If everything goes well, APK should be at:



If you're still reading until here, you rock! We're also eager to receive/get/integrate your contributions! :)

Code has been released under GPLv3. If you want to contribute, feel free to:

  1. Fork/clone the repo
  2. Apply your changes
  3. Open a pull-request.

Other than that, we also accept filing issues but give as many details as you can (!), this helps us a lot for troubleshooting issues.

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