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Contribution Code Contribution Guideline


First off, thanks for taking time to contribute. We really appreciate every contribution in form of Reports, Requests, Discussions or every other bit, that will help to grow the project.

Please read the below text carefully before contributing.


Code of Conduct

In the past, we never faced a situation where a guideline was needed. Everybody should be aware of good behavior and should know, how to talk to people.

Nevertheless, we are having a document derived from Maybe you want to consider reading the whole Code of Conduct.

Project Contribution

Contributing to is appreciated. We are open for new ideas, helping with the community, bug reports, helps with testing, etc. In this section you will find some hints. If your way of contribution is not explained here, please feel free to discuss your idea with us.

Bug Reports

Reporting Bugs should follow some simple rules:

  • Check, if you can find similar Bugs
  • Describe, what is happening and what should happen
  • Explain, why this is a problem
  • Add more details and attachments
  • Follow up, if somebody is having questions or needs more details

Formulating your Bug Report as if you are explaining it to a rubber duck is a very good idea.

Feature Requests

Requesting a new feature is also following some simple rules:

  • Check, if the feature is already requested
  • Describe, what your feature will bring to the community
  • Explain the criteria to fulfill the request
  • Add more details like mock ups, attachments, lists, screenshots
  • Follow Up in the discussion to the feature
  • Be patient, it may take some time

Small Feature Requests should be written in a User Story.


As a user/developer/packager/etc, I need ... , due to ...

  • Criteria 1
  • Criteria 2
  • Criteria 3

Code Contribution

Contributing Code should be as easy as possible. Therefore, all needed information should be present in the of each repository. Some basic rules should be applied.

  • Open an issue for each code contribution (see above)
  • One Contribution should solve one issue
  • Tested code is cool code
  • Documented code is Maintainable code
  • Use file headers and kudos.txt to make your mark
  • Commit Messages should be useful and self explaining and use the .gitmessage as a template, if existing in the repository

Example Commit

feat: Everything OK Button

A long requested Everything OK Button, which will help us a lot!

- add:
- remove: not_ok.js
- update:
- update: metadata.json

Resolves: #1234
See also: #4711, #666

Community Work

Contribution does not mean, that one needs to code. You can also help in many other ways like Blogging, Spreading the word, Testing and Reporting, Drawing, Writing, participating to events, etc.

Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your options. We encourage you to help us in any way you like to.

Additional Guides

When contributing, you may face situations where you need a little bit more guidance. In this section, we are collecting documents, which may help you. If something is missing, please feel free to reach out to us.

Make your mark

We want to thank everybody, who chooses to help the project and contributing. We thought about, how one can leave it's mark in the code or repository, without relying on technologies from hosted repository software. There are 2 ways to "Make your mark."


By default we are using the below data to mark our work.

  • name:
  • description: <This file ...>
  • author:
  • license:

Everything else is optional or specific for the file and repository.

File headers

We are maintaining file headers for all files. This should ensure that everybody is getting the credits he deserves. The header should also give some guidance, where a user can reach out to for contact. The content is maintained in the kudos.txt format.

If a header is missing, please feel free to add one.

Exceptions: Some files are already for informational purposes only. These files are excluded from this policy. As an example, you can think of the following files:

  • package.json
  • meta/main.yml (ansible-galaxy meta file)
  • kudos.txt

Example: A typical example for such a header may look like this.

# name: .editorconfig
# description: This file helps to configure your editor via editorconfig.
# author:
# license: BSD-3-Clause
# reference:


We are maintaining a kudos.txt. We want to ensure everybody is getting the gratitude he deserves. Please feel free to add yourself to the kudos.txt file, present in each repository.

If the kudos.txt file is missing, please feel free to add one. You can find a template in the doc-library.

Versioning Guide

We are sticking to Semantic Versioning for all repositories and products. You can read everything about it in or at the website

Versioning is exclusively done from members. Outside contributors can suggest a version raise in the Issue and PR.

Style Guide

We are currently working on a Style Guide, which will show details like logos, ideals, fonts, colors, etc. It's not finished, but improving.

You will find the current Version of the guide in

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