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A simple way to manage social micro-transactions
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Debt Collector is a simple way to manage social micro-payments.

It's useful for house sharers, students or people who have trouble tracking how much money they've lent or borrowed to friends.

What are "social micropayments"?
  - These are things like lending someone a fiver, buying a beer, paying for the water bills.
  - They're debts and loans made between friends, which typically have 0% interest rate, and are often easy to loose track of.

How does this help?
  - Debt Collector allows you to log when friends lent you money or paid for things, or when you lent people money.
  - It then allows you to see a really simple summary of who you owe money to, who owes you, and you're overall situation (debt or credit).

  - Natural language parser, so I can type "Bob lent me 20 pounds for bowling", and this will be understood.
  - Text message input, integrated with natural language parser, so I can log things while I'm out.
  - Network graph, showing you and your contacts and their situations. Thinking of using Canvas for this?

  - It's based on, with some custom stuff thrown in where I didn't like the way of doing it.
  - It uses MongoDB for all storage, including sessions (with a custom session backend)
  - It uses some of the semantic HTML5 elements like section, header, footer etc., although maybe not how they're meant to be used - I'm still experimenting with this.

  - You need MongoDB, pymongo and installed.
  - Then run mongod run &
  - Then run ./ to start the development server.
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