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An implementation of core.matrix protocols with nd4j. Most importantly this is supposed to allow the usage of the jcublas backend of nd4j and the integration of deeplearning4j code in Clojure projects.


  • be core.matrix compliant
  • don't introduce significant performance overhead
  • make implementation of machine learning algorithms in Clojure more feasible
  • avoid wrapping INDArray Matrices for direct interop with deeplearning4j


  • make shaping of Nd4j compatible with core.matrix, e.g. introduce Vector type, see
  • fix other outstanding issues in compliance tests
  • evaluate the GPU backend in comparison to theano, e.g. with boltzmann
  • implement example with deeplearning4j and core.matrix dependent code, e.g. boltzmann, incanter 2.0


Not really usable yet, as it is not compliant to core.matrix.


Copyright © 2015 Christian Weilbach

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.