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Spring PetClinic Sample Application

What does it look like?

spring-petclinic has been deployed here on cloudfoundry: http://spring-petclinic.cloudfoundry.com/

Running petclinic locally

	git clone https://github.com/SpringSource/spring-petclinic.git
	mvn tomcat7:run or gradle tomcatRun

You can then access petclinic here: http://localhost:9966/petclinic/

Working with Petclinic in Eclipse/STS


The following items should be installed in your system:

Note: when m2e is available, there is an m2 icon in Help -> About dialog. If m2e is not there, just follow the install process here: http://eclipse.org/m2e/download/


In the command line

git clone https://github.com/SpringSource/spring-petclinic.git

Inside Eclipse:

File -> Import -> Maven -> Existing Maven project

Looking for something in particular?

Web layerFiles
Spring MVC- Atom integration VisitsAtomView mvc-view-config.xml
Spring MVC - XML integration mvc-view-config.xml
Spring MVC Test Framework VisitsAtomViewTest.java
JSP custom tags WEB-INF/tags
webjars webjars declaration inside pom.xml
Resource mapping in Spring configuration
sample usage in JSP