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Technical Maps for the Mannequins Modules
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Mannequins Technical Maps

Technical Maps for Whimsical Raps' Mannequins Eurorack Modules

Feel free to grab printable PDFs for your desired modules, or clone the repository and make your own customizations to the manuals using Markdown or LaTeX! Hyperlinked, mobile friendly versions of the manuals are also linked below!

MANGROVE: PDF & Hyperlinked Web Document

JUST FRIENDS: PDF & Hyperlinked Web Document

COLD MAC: PDF & Hyperlinked Web Document

THREE SISTERS: PDF & Hyperlinked Web Document

Customizing Your Manual


  • Pandoc will render the manual markdown files to PDFs.
  • A LaTeX installation (suggestions: MikTex for Windows, BasicTex for MacOS, TeXLive for Linux) is necessary for Pandoc to render PDFs.
  • Python and Panflute are necessary to accurately create pagebreaks in the PDF.


Windows & Mac

  1. Download the latest Pandoc installer here.
  2. Run the Pandoc installer.
  3. Donwload the latest MikTeX installer here.
  4. Run the MikTex installer.
  5. Download the latest Python installer here.
  6. Run the Python installer.
  7. Open a command line prompt and run pip install panflute.


  1. Run sudo apt-get install pandoc.
  2. Run sudo apt-get install texlive.
  3. Run sudo apt-get install python3.6.
  4. Run pip install panflute.


  1. Clone this repository using git clone or download this repository as a .zip and unpack it.
  2. Navigate to the directory of the module you wish to edit.
  3. Make your own personal changes to <module-name>.md to include your customizations! Sticking with Markdown formatting is easiest, but Pandoc supports many other formatting methods!
  4. Run pandoc <module-name>.md --filter -o <module-name>.pdf to generate of your new manual!

NB: Font, paper size, and line spacing settings can be edited in

NB: Pagebreaks will automatically be created on any level 1 or 2 heading (# or ##). You can also use \newpage or <div></div> to insert pagebreaks at any other location.

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