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Updated for Inkscape ^1.0! If you need the previous version, you can find it as a zip file ( in the root of the repo.

A simple Inkscape extension that lets you extract attributes (like id) from all selected paths, and show them as <text> elements inside the paths.

Useful for when you want to have all paths' id shown on the SVG document as <text> nodes.

You can also use it for other path attributes, like label, fill, stroke, width, height.

Available under the Extensions > Text menu.

Note: only works on <path> elements. If you have a <circle>, <rectangle>, <text>, etc., first use Object > Object to Path to convert it.


  • Get the ids (names) of all the countries on the Africa map and show them on the map as labels.

  • Get the fill color for all circles and show it as a <text> element on top of them.

  • Get the width attribute for all planets and show it as a <text> element on top of them.

Options for styling and formatting the text:

  • Font size in px
  • Color (the fill color of the <text> elements)
  • Font (should be installed on the system)
  • Font Weight (should be supported by the selected font)
  • Angle (controls the rotation of the generated <text> elements, in degrees)

Options for further editing the extracted text (only used with id and label attributes):

  • Text to replace (a simple replace function to remove characters you may not want from the text)
  • Match Regular Expression (matches the extracted text of each path to a regular expression and uses the result on the path, e.g. if the id is Province_055 and this field \d+, the text on the path will be just 055)
  • Capitalize (capitalize all text)
  • **Group paths with the generated text elements ** (if checked, also group (<g>) the path with its text label)

Also published on the Inkscape extensions repository.


An Inkscape extension that creates text elements from the id values of paths.







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