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Mighty 1284P Platform for Arduino
C C++
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Arduino Extras

What is it?

This is a compilation of extra platforms for Arduino's IDE.

Boards/Bootloaders list

  1. ATmega644P 16Mhz (Sourced from Sanguino project)
  2. ATmega1284P 16Mhz (Sourced from Mighty 1284P project)
  3. ATmega1284P 8Mhz (Sourced from Mighty 1284P project)

Current state

Based on ARDUINO 1.0 - 2011.11.30 release + forking of maniacbug/mighty-1284p


  1. Download the ZIP File
  2. Unzip it a folder called 'hardware' off your sketches directory, e.g. /Arduino/hardware/
  3. Restart the IDE
  4. Select Tools > Board > "Your Board"


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