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@@ -7,9 +7,8 @@ <h1>Frequently Asked Questions</h1>
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<dl id="faq">
- <dt><span>Question 1:</span> When can I buy my ticket?</dt>
- <dd>We're not sure exactly when, but very soon. Keep an eye on our <a href="">Facebook page</a> and
- <a href="">Twitter</a> feed for updates.</dd>
+ <dt><span>Question 1:</span> How long do I have to buy a ticket?</dt>
+ <dd>We'll be selling tickets until midnight on Friday 5th April 2013.</dd>
<dt><span>Question 2:</span> Airth Castle? How do I get there?</dt>
<dd>Don't worry, we'll be providing transport to and from the venue, as well as covering the cost of accommodation for the evening!</dd>
@@ -21,15 +20,12 @@ <h1>Frequently Asked Questions</h1>
<dt><span>Question 4:</span> This sounds like great fun, how can I sponsor you?</dt>
<dd>You can <a href="">email us</a>, or make contact via Twitter or Facebook.</dd>
- <dt><span>Question 5:</span> The schedule looks a bit vague, when will we see more details?</dt>
- <dd>We're still in the process of arranging a schedule of great speakers. We'll put up the details as soon as they're ready!</dd>
- <dt><span>Question 6:</span> What if I don't want to stay at Airth Castle?</dt>
+ <dt><span>Question 5:</span> What if I don't want to stay at Airth Castle?</dt>
<dd>You're more than welcome to make your own accommodation arrangements, and we can still provide transport to, and from
Edinburgh if you'd like. We wanted to provide an original, residential experience, so the accommodation is
included in the ticket price. However, for those who want to stay elsewhere, we have a conference-only ticket.</dd>
- <dt><span>Question 7:</span> What can I do when I'm in Edinburgh?</dt>
+ <dt><span>Question 6:</span> What can I do when I'm in Edinburgh?</dt>
<dt><a href="">The Royal Mile</a></dt>

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