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Differences between whissip and b2evolution trunk
The following is a list of (documented) differences between whissip
(this branch of b2evolution) and the trunk.
* Requires PHP5 and does not support PHP4 anymore (this is a good thing!).
* uses UTF8 internally for encoding only; this allows to mix contents using
different charsets on a single page and does not require input/output
* Improved format for global.php (translations), using single quotes, and
avoiding runtime conversion; this provides better performance.
* ResourceBundles: CSS and JavaScript files get bundled (less HTTP requests)
and minimized (less data to transfer).
This also allows to cache the resulting files "forever", so browsers do
never have to fetch them again (or ask if they have changed).
If there are changes to CSS or JS files, the bundle filenames change
automatically - and clients will fetch the updated bundles.
* "Publish NOW" button considers "Protected" and "Private" as published,
too. In particular, it does not set a post to "published", if it gets
created as "protected" (TODO: might be merged/improved via HEAD).
This list is incomplete and I've documented the first entries from the top
of my head.
However, I will use it in the future to document any relevant changes and
probably improve this list later on, too.