Nether is a rails engine for easily adding endless page functionality to paginated content.
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Nether is a rails engine for easily adding endless page functionality to paginated content. It uses jquery.pageless and is based heavily on their demo application.


Currently only supports apps using the assets pipeline.


Add the following to your Gemfile and run the bundle command.

gem 'nether'

Once the gem is installed execute the generator to install the js files and images.

rails generate nether:install

Usage (will_paginate)

Endless page functionality is handled by a helper function that takes three arguments by default. The number of pages, the path to get more content and the css id of the dom object to render. There is also an optional fourth argument for specifying the dom object containing the content to be rendered.

To use the helper add the following to your view after the will paginate helper, replacing variables as necessary.

<%= nether(@articles.total_pages, articles_path, "#content") %>

You must also add a helper to the action handling the pagination. The helper takes the partial to render as an argument and an optional argument to delay rendering.


Usage (kaminari)

Usage is the same as for will_paginate, however the method num_pages is instead used to return the number of pages.

<%= nether(@articles.num_pages, articles_path, "#content") %>

Sticky Footers

Nether now has inbuilt support for sticky footers. To use the nether sticky footer functionality you must first stickify your application.

rails generate nether:stickify

This will install a css file into your stylesheets directory, after which you can simply use the nether block helpers around your content.

<%= nether_sticky_wrap do %>
  # header content
  <%= nether_sticky_content do %>
    # body content
  <% end %>
<% end %>

<%= nether_sticky_footer do %>
  # footer content
<% end %>


  • You will find an example app at nether_example.

  • The wiki contains other useful information and examples.