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# (c) 2005-2012 Chad Whitacre <>
# This program is beerware. If you like it, buy me a beer someday.
# No warranty is expressed or implied.
# create the script to be installed
rm -f testosterone
cp bin/testosterone testosterone
chmod 555 testosterone
# [re]create the man page to be installed
rm -f testosterone.1.gz
gzip -c -9 doc/man1/testosterone.1 > testosterone.1.gz
chmod 444 testosterone.1.gz
# remove all of the cruft that gets auto-generated on doc/install/release
rm -f testosterone testosterone.1.gz
rm -rf build
rm -rf dist
find . -name \*.pyc | xargs rm
make -C doc/tex clean
install: configure
install -o root -m 555 testosterone ${prefix}/bin
install -o root -m 444 testosterone.1.gz ${prefix}/man/man1
python install
rm -f ${prefix}/bin/testosterone
rm -f ${prefix}/man/man1/testosterone.1.gz
# Target for building a distribution
# ==================================
dist: clean
mkdir dist
mkdir dist/testosterone-${version}
cp -r Makefile README bin site-packages dist/testosterone-${version}
make -C doc/tex html pdf clean
mkdir dist/testosterone-${version}/doc
cp -r doc/html doc/testosterone* dist/testosterone-${version}/doc
find dist/testosterone-${version} -name \.svn | xargs rm -r
tar --directory dist -zcf dist/testosterone-${version}.tgz testosterone-${version}
tar --directory dist -jcf dist/testosterone-${version}.tbz testosterone-${version}
# ZIP archive gets different line endings and script name
svneol clean -w dist/testosterone-${version}
mv dist/testosterone-${version}/bin/ dist/testosterone-${version}/bin/testosterone
cd dist && zip -9rq testosterone-${version}.zip testosterone-${version}
# rm -rf dist/testosterone-${version}
# Run our tests using ourself.
# ============================
# This was added for Grig's buildbot: The demos are removed
# because they yield errors/failures (on purpose).
python bin/testosterone -s -x demo testosterone.tests
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