Whitaker Lab

Projects within Kirstie's lab at the Turing Institute.

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  1. WhitakerLabProjectManagement

    This repository contains issues related to the management of all Whitaker Lab projects

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  2. Onboarding

    This repository contains the onboarding resources and exercises that are recommended for when you join the Whitaker Lab.

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  3. whitakerlab.github.io

    Forked from mmistakes/so-simple-theme

    Updates from Kirstie's research group at the Turing Instititute.

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  4. scona

    Code to analyse structural covariance brain networks using python.

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  5. BrainsForPublication

    Code and documentation for the Brains for Publication proposal for the 2016 OHBM Hackathon

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  6. DataBlitzResources

    Everything you need to run a kickass data blitz at your event

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