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🤫🤖 WVAnonBot

WVAnon is a Discord bot developed by the UTM White Van Discord to enable users to send anonymous messages. We tried JuzoConfession and Voltaire, but neither of them satisfied us in terms of usability, security, and privacy.

As of January 15th, 2023, 10258 anonymous messages have been sent!

  1. Voltaire supported banning users, however displaying the user ID all the time led to users being hesitant to use the channel.
  2. An update to the Discord API resulted in Voltaire being unable to "see" users. Users had to run a bot command (like !volt help) to gain access, however this could reveal their identity to anyone who saw the message and to the admins in the deleted logs.
  3. The commands for both were long! We wanted the commands to be short and sweet.

⚙️ Features

  • Supports sending messages to two channels (anon-msgs & deep-talks) which can be configured
  • Ban users
  • Warn users
  • Anonymity for users
  • Slow mode
  • Replies
  • Display rules

Using WVAnonBot

WVAnonBot is completely open-source and free for others to use. All that we ask is that you:

  • Give credit to White Van
  • Do not try to claim credit as your own
  • Do not add features that would put the user's privacy at risk (i.e. storing discord ids)

🚀 Getting Started

Requires: Node.js

  1. Create a Discord Bot Account
  2. Create a file called auth.json in the root directory of your copy of the repository:
        "token": {YOUR BOT'S TOKEN HERE}
  1. Run npm install

  2. Use node bot.js to run the bot!

  3. Create three channels in your Discord server: one for logs, one for anon-messages, one for deep-talks. You will need administrator privileges in your discord server to set the channels.

  4. Now you need to let the bot know which channels are which. To set all channels at once, use !anon set #[anon-msgs] #[deep-talks] #[log-channel] . To set channels individually, use the following commands:

!anon set log #[log-channel]
!anon set anon #[anon-msgs]
!anon set deeptalks #[deep-talks]

📦 Contributing

  1. Fork the repo
  2. git checkout -b {your branch name here}
  3. Write your code
  4. Create a pull request from your fork into main
  5. Run npm run prettier and npm run lint, fix all style checks
  6. Squash & merge once approved!

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WVAnon is a Discord bot developed by the UTM White Van Discord to enable users to send anonymous messages.







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