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Natural language computational chemistry command line interface.

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pip install nlcc

You must have either an OpenAI Codex key or HuggingFace API key (minimum plan level is Community Pro). Make sure they are set via export OPENAI_API_KEY=<your key here> or export HUGGINGFACE_API_KEY=<your key here> then nlcc


Please cite our preprint

  title={Natural language processing models that automate programming will transform chemistry research and teaching},
  author={Hocky, Glen M and White, Andrew D},
  journal={Digital Discovery},
  publisher={Royal Society of Chemistry}

key bindings

  • ctrl-w copy to clipboard (Note, you may need to install xsel on linux)
  • ctrl-q help
  • ctrl-o reset context
  • ctrl-z execute python code
  • ctrl-t adjust temperature
  • ctrl-u status
  • ctrl-c quit
  • ctrl-x write to file (same output as copy to clipboard)
  • ctrl-l load from file
  • ctrl-n update number of code responses
  • ctrl-down Enter multiline. escape-enter to enter prompt or ctrl-down to leave
  • [insert] Add this to your multiline prompt to have completion inserted in a specific location