Simple chat to key emulator for Twitch IRC
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Simple chat to key emulator for Twitch IRC.

It uses the following assets and libraries:

Download the compiled binary here.

How does it work?

The program connects to an irc server and channel and reads every message said in that channel. If the message corresponds with one of the settings, it emulates a keypress.

The program is divided in three forms; Main form, keyboard configuration form and command form.

Main form

This is the form that opens when you launch the program. It allows you to set the game name, irc parameters as well as the optional Nickserv password.

You should note that on writing this page the twitch irc servers aren't stable enough.

From here you can start the irc client and open the keyboard settings.

Main form

Keyboard configuration

Here you set the irc command to the corresponding emulated key. In this example: when you give the command "up" it emulates the button "I". The "MENU" modifier is a fancy word for "ALT".

A complete list of all keys can be found here

Keyboard configuration form


This is opened along with the main form. Most of the times it's hidden behind the main form.

It shows the name of the game, server time, elapsed time and the 10 most recent commands.

When broadcasting, this is the windows you capture.

Commands form

Example setup

In this setup Pokemon is played in an emulator.

Example setup