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The Whitecat ESP32 LORA GATEWAY is a mother board designed for the well-know IC880A LoRa WAN concentrator. The board is based on the ESP32 PICO D4 and integrates an USB to UART bridge, Ethernet, an Power Over Ethernet. Inside the ESP32 PICO D4 runs the Lua RTOS operating system and the Semtech Packet Forwarder software.


  • ESP32 PICO D4
  • Dual-core Tensilica LX6 microprocessor
  • Up to 240MHz clock frequency
  • 520kB internal SRAM
  • 4MB Internal flash memory
  • Integrated 802.11 BGN WiFi transceiver, with UFL connector for external antenna
  • Integrated dual-mode Bluetooth (classic and BLE)
  • Ethernet 10/100
  • USB to UART bridge with auto-program circuit
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) 24V/48V through POE injector


  • Lua RTOS
  • Semtech Packet Forwarder
  • Dropbear SSH server
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