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Predefined ARM solution template to deploy private VSTS build agents on an Azure VM.
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We had some problems with using Hosted VSTS Agents. More specifically, we had long building times and the free 240 build minutes where not enough anymore. Thats we started to do research about good work arounds. Ultimately, we have come to private agents with whom we have recently had very good experiences.

Now we would like to share our insights with you.


comming soon

Tech/framework used

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Use this repository as Infrastructure as a Code to deploy a VM containing a VSTS private Agent into your Azure Ressource Group. Currently we offer:

  • A windows based version to build and release .NET Core and Node.js projects


You can use the Deploy-AzureResourceGroup to deploy our solution into Azure.

Or you can use our Azure Marketplace offer (comming soon) and configure your vsts agent via a user interface.

MIT © 2018 white duck Gesellschaft für Softwareentwicklung GmbH

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