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App Store Checklist

Before submitting to the App Store, make sure your app fullfills all these checks!


  • Does not contain any Objectionable Content (content that is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust, or in exceptionally poor taste)
  • Has filtering and reporting mechanism for User Generated Content
  • Does not risk physical harm of user
  • Developer Contact Information is relevant and up to date
  • No continuous vibration


  • Doesn't have a long startup/load time
  • Tells the user if and when their device loses its network connection.
  • App is Complete and has no Bugs
  • App is not a Beta, Demo or Trial
  • Metadata is Accurate. No Hidden or Undocumented Features
  • Compatible with iPad and iPhones running latest iOS
  • Only uses public APIs
  • Compatible with IPv6
  • Does not include names, imagery or icons of any mobile platforms (i.e. Apple Watch, iOS, Android etc) unless part of an approved specific feature


  • Does not mention other supported platforms
  • In-App Purchases are only purchasable through Apple's IAP system
  • Subscriptions should provide ongoing value to a custsomer (i.e. be given new content)
  • Subscription Users should be able to easily upgrade/downgrade
  • Should not use content codes to unlock new content
  • Should not be a catalog of other apps (aka not compete with the App Store)
  • Insurance Apps must be free
  • Should not restrict by location or carrier



  • Has a Privacy Policy (if it stores user data)
  • Obtains permission from user before transmitting personal data
  • Data from HomeKit API is not used for advertising
  • Dose not use or disclose to third parties data gathered in the health, fitness, and medical research context
  • Does not write false/inaccurate data to HealthKit or any other medical research/health management apps
  • Obtains consent from participants/guardians before conducting health-related human subject research
  • App does not use the Location API to provide emergency services or control autonomous vehicles
  • If App has Gambling, only if you have met your legal obligations wherever it is available


Checklist before submitting to the App Store



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