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V1.1.0 - Icons: 50 podcasting brand icons

Helping consistency of Podcast websites.

Our icons are divided into two main groups Apps and Hosts.

Getting started with Podfonts

The Podfont CDN is the simplest, quickest and most reliable way to start using our podcast icons on your new website.

CDN Link, v1.1.0:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-JH5tKI4CUyK92X34BURCL05JcPhlKOfX7IlfBvkcRn75+/o6JU2PmnlKwOwsYfel" crossorigin="anonymous">

Once you have your website ready

Copy this code into the <head> of each page.

Now get adding Podfont Icons

Use CSS classes to add the icons to your pages.

Get Funky with CSS

Easily change the size, colour, and more with CSS.

For more details, and to see the logos please visit the website -

Podfonts License

Last modified: 18/04/2019

Podfonts was created by WhiteFish Creative Ltd (The Company) The Company registered in England and Wales with company number 11042372.

Podfonts is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


The cc-by-4.0 license permits almost any use subject to providing credit and license notice.

Usage of Podfonts

Podfonts can be used for private and commercial projects, open source projects and everything else.

You Can:

  • Use Podfonts in commercial projects
  • Use Podfonts in private projects
  • Use Podfonts in public projects
  • Use Podfonts in Open Source projects
  • Use Podfonts in Mobile and Desktop Applications
  • Use Podfonts in Documents
  • Link back to to attribute our logos
  • Use the Podfonts Logo to link back to

You Can't:

  • Use Podfonts name within the name of your Project/Application
  • Use the Podfonts Logo as a sign/symbol of endorsement of your project without express persmission

Podcast Brands

All brand icons are copyright and trademarks of their respective owners.
The use of these trademarks is not a sign of endorsement by trademark holder by The Company
Please do not use brand logos for any purpose except to represent the company, product, or service to which they refer.


The Company does not take any responsibility and are not liable for any damage caused through use of products or services obtained through this website or any other channel, be it indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or the like).

Podfonts is provided as is, without any warranty at all. The Company provides no guarantees, including but not limited to a service level agreement.

The Company also provides no guarantee of availability of service around the website of the Content Distribution Network (CDN).



  • Added iHeartRadio (.pf-a-iheartradio)


Host Icons

  • Added AudioBoom (.pf-h-audio-boom)
  • Added Blog Radio Radio (.pf-h-blog-talk-radio)
  • Added Blubrry (.pf-h-blubrry)
  • Added Buuz Sprout (.pf-h-buzz-sprout)
  • Added Castos (.pf-h-castos)
  • Added FireSide (.pf-h-fire-side)
  • Added Libsyn (.pf-h-libsyn)
  • Added Omny Studio (.pf-h-omny-studio)
  • Added Pinecast (.pf-h-pinecast)
  • Added (.pf-h-pippa-io)
  • Added Podcast Websites (.pf-h-podcast-websites)
  • Added (.pf-h-podcasts-dot-com)
  • Added Podiant (.pf-h-podiant)
  • Added Podigee (.pf-h-podigee)
  • Added Podigee (.pf-h-podigee-o)
  • Added Podmatic (.pf-h-podomatic)
  • Added Simplecast (.pf-h-simplecast)
  • Added SoundCloud (.pf-h-soundcloud)
  • Added Spreaker (.pf-h-spreaker)
  • Added Whooshkaa (.pf-h-whooshkaa)
  • Added Zen Cast FM (.pf-h-zen-cast-fm)

App Icons

  • Added Antennapod (.pf-a-antennapod)
  • Added Apple Podcasts (.pf-a-apple-podcasts)
  • Added Beyond Pod (.pf-a-beyond-pod)
  • Added Castaway (.pf-a-castaway)
  • Added Castbox (.pf-a-castbox)
  • Added Castro (.pf-a-castro)
  • Added Doggcatcher (.pf-a-doggcatcher)
  • Added Downcast (.pf-a-downcast)
  • Added Google Play Music (.pf-a-google-play-music)
  • Added Google Podcasts (.pf-a-google-podcasts)
  • Added iCatcher (.pf-a-icatcher)
  • Added Laughable (.pf-a-laughable)
  • Added Overcast (.pf-a-overcast)
  • Added Player FM (.pf-a-playerfm)
  • Added Pocket Casts (.pf-a-pocket-casts)
  • Added Podbean (.pf-a-podbean)
  • Added Podcast Addict (.pf-a-podcast-addict)
  • Added Podcast Republic (.pf-a-podcast-republic)
  • Added Podchaser (.pf-a-podchaser)
  • Added Podcruncher (.pf-a-podcruncher)
  • Added Podkicker (.pf-a-podkicker)
  • Added Radio Republic (.pf-a-radio-republic)
  • Added RSS (.pf-a-rss)
  • Added Spotify (.pf-a-spotify)
  • Added Stitcher (.pf-a-stitcher)
  • Added TuneIn (.pf-a-tunein)


This is the repository for podfonts, an icon font used by podcasters.




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