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Latest commit a1c457d Jan 3, 2017 @whiteinge Switch the diffconflicts script to not open all tabs by default
Thanks for the suggestion @devenv!

Closes #12.
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.config Update iTerm2 config May 20, 2015
.fonts/TTF Switched to DejaVuSansMono Nov 2, 2012
.git_template/hooks Check if ctags_ignore file is present before using Dec 13, 2013
.icons/ComixCursors-Orange-Regular-Slim Changed default cursor theme. Oct 17, 2008
.ssh Persist multiplexed ssh connections in the bg for 10 seconds Jun 3, 2015
.vim Update Vim plugins Sep 15, 2016
.weechat Remove hard-coded Weechat scripts since Weechat can manage/update direct Jul 12, 2016
.znc/configs Templatized the znc config file Aug 25, 2013
.zsh-syntax-highlighting @ fdaeec4 Update zsh-syntax-highlighting Jan 4, 2017
.Xmodmap Added default caps-to-ctrl mapping. Nov 4, 2009
.Xmodmap-osx Add Xmodmap files for switching between Mac and PC keyboards Apr 24, 2014
.Xmodmap-pc Add Xmodmap files for switching between Mac and PC keyboards Apr 24, 2014
.Xresources Removed old, commented setting for irssi Apr 24, 2014
.ctags sort: ctags for js Nov 1, 2015
.gitconfig Fix passing shell var to awk; add 'develop' branch to whitelist Apr 7, 2016
.grepoptions Add a few more common ignores to grepoptions file Jun 2, 2015
.gtkrc-2.0 Added annoying GTK rc file. May 17, 2008
.gvimrc Updated configs for powerline; forced 256 colors in xterm and tmux Jun 14, 2012
.hgignore Removed Mercurial customizations Dec 13, 2013
.hgrc Removed Mercurial customizations Dec 13, 2013
.jshintrc Remove now-default es5 option; add esnext option May 13, 2015
.lynx.cfg Updated a few cookie settings for new version of Lynx. Jul 2, 2008
.lynxrc Added the ssh dir Mar 14, 2007
.nethackrc Remove config for menucolors Nethack patch Apr 24, 2014
.npm-init.js Switch npm-init script to use TypeScript for transpilation Jan 4, 2017
.offlineimaprc Quieted offlineimap output for cron Apr 29, 2012
.pdbrc Added (finally) a default pdb config. Dec 3, 2009
.pylintrc Add 'f' to the list of approved single-letter variable names Dec 11, 2013
.tidyrc Added .tidyrc for use with linting via syntastic Aug 25, 2013
.tmux.conf Don't let tmux rename windows Dec 25, 2016
.toprc Updated incomplete svn repo dump with modern copies of versioned files. May 16, 2009
.vimperator-bma Removed old/outdated Pentadactyl/Vimperator plugins & bookmarks Dec 13, 2013
.vimrc Replace vinegar with filebeagle Oct 21, 2015
.wgetrc Added an commented placeholder .wgetrc to fake IE Oct 31, 2012
.zlogout Added a default logout rcfile. May 17, 2008
.zsh_shouse_prompt Clean up compact prompt Oct 27, 2015
.zshrc Refactored gext function to not use eval Sep 14, 2015