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dotfiles for vim, git, zsh, weechat, openbox, xterm, and many others. Install with: lndir -silent /path/to/dotfiles $HOME
Python VimL Shell Perl Awk
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.config Update iTerm2 config
.fonts/TTF Switched to DejaVuSansMono
.git_template/hooks Check if ctags_ignore file is present before using
.icons/ComixCursors-Orange-Regular-Slim Changed default cursor theme.
.ncmpc Added base configuration.
.ssh Removed old/unused keys; refreshed key for burke
.vim Add the pangloss/vim-javascript plugin; switch back to syntax folding
.weechat Mmoved the weechat alias.conf to a template format
.znc/configs Templatized the znc config file
.zsh-syntax-highlighting @ 5320f1e Updated Vim plugins
bin Syntax highlighting in 2-way diff
.Xmodmap Added default caps-to-ctrl mapping.
.Xmodmap-osx Add Xmodmap files for switching between Mac and PC keyboards
.Xmodmap-pc Add Xmodmap files for switching between Mac and PC keyboards
.Xresources Removed old, commented setting for irssi
.ctags Add a bunch of common excludes when generating a tags file
.gitconfig Added alias to fetch GitHub pull req as a local branch
.gitignore Added common VCS directories to global ignore list
.gitmodules Add the pangloss/vim-javascript plugin; switch back to syntax folding
.grepoptions Added global .grepoptions file
.gtkrc-2.0 Added annoying GTK rc file.
.gvimrc Updated configs for powerline; forced 256 colors in xterm and tmux
.hgignore Removed Mercurial customizations
.hgrc Removed Mercurial customizations
.inputrc Removed old SVN Last Modified relic from inputrc
.jshintrc Remove now-default es5 option; add esnext option
.lynx.cfg Updated a few cookie settings for new version of Lynx.
.lynx.lss Added the ssh dir
.lynxrc Added the ssh dir
.mailcap Minor updates.
.mpdconf Added HTTP streaming to mpd config and forwarded port for spunkmeyer
.muttrc Added offlineimaprc; updated .muttrc for offlineimap
.nethackrc Remove config for menucolors Nethack patch
.offlineimaprc Quieted offlineimap output for cron
.pdbrc Added (finally) a default pdb config. Added (finally) a default pdb config.
.pentadactylrc Added sites to pentadactyl flashblock whitelist
.pylintrc Add 'f' to the list of approved single-letter variable names Updated Salt instantiation to discern master/minion opts
.tidyrc Added .tidyrc for use with linting via syntastic
.tmux.conf Only display the hostname in the tmux status bar
.toprc Updated incomplete svn repo dump with modern copies of versioned files.
.vimperator-bma Removed old/outdated Pentadactyl/Vimperator plugins & bookmarks
.vimrc Added vim-diff-enhanced plugin
.wgetrc Added an commented placeholder .wgetrc to fake IE
.xsessionrc Make sure we only have one xcape running at a time
.zlogout Added a default logout rcfile.
.zsh_shouse_prompt Added aliases to switch between full, compact, bare prompts
.zshrc Added shell functions to perform a countdown or a timer
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