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List of shit ssh can do
* remote terminal
* run one-off remote commands
* (can you run full-screen curses commands like top?)
* pass a flag to use a fake TTY?
* remote GUI
* tunneling
* transfer files (scp, rsync)
* mount remote file systems (fuse)
* steal the rest of this list from the UTOS ssh presentation!
* try to give credit for stealing shit
Multiple Connections
* control master
Multiple-Hop Tunneling
Requires netcat on the intermediate host::
ssh -oproxycommand="ssh -qaxT firewall nc %h %p" -L 5432:localhost:5432 dbserver
Can't background::
ssh -t -L 5432: \
ssh -t dbserver \
ssh -t -R 9991: firewall
altering an existing connection
* adding a tunnel on the fly?
* builtin ssh command line:
* ~C
* ~#
* check the manpage for ESCAPE CHARACTERS
reverse tunnels
* add a tunnel from the remote to the local?
key-based authentication
File permissions matter when using key-based auth (but not password?)
Edit a Remote File
.. note::
This requires Vim with the netrw plugin.
``vim scp://host//path/to/file``
Play Sound Through a Remote Speaker
.. note::
The sound quality is very bad.
``dd if=/dev/dsp | ssh -c arcfour -C username@host dd of=/dev/dsp``
stdin and stdout
``wget -O - \
| ssh remote_machine 'tar xjvf -'``
diffing remote files
``ssh user@ "cat /tmp/remotefile" | diff - /tmp/localfile``
``vimdiff scp://user@ /tmp/localfile``
opening a tunnel may open be open to anyone!
When you open a socket on your machine, if not explicity bound to localhost, it
may be open to anyone else on your network! (if you're not running a firewall.)
* Does ssh bind to localhost only be default?
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